Creative / Photographer

Puma Running

Ginés Díaz is a lifestyle and action sports photographer and creative from the Canary Islands based in Madrid.

His photography and video content is known for portraying an intimate, emotional and realistic feel about human experiences in endurance sports and urban culture.

Ginés approaches each project with a never-ending curiosity about the people and environment he is about to portrait.  In this sense he becomes an expert in each discipline or story he captures. He develops a strong relationship with everyone involved in the project allowing him to extract intimate and personal journeys within everyone working with him.

He began his career by documenting his life-long-passions: the ocean and the outdoors. Through these he moved on to surf and triathlon, eventually using what he learned in endurance sports as a solid base to successfully merge into cultural and lifestyle projects. That desire to live through what he sets out to capture has generated truly deep moments between people, environments, nature and cultures.

In 2018, Ginés founded Studio Bruma with his dearest friend and colleague Adrián Rodd, a project that Pedro Padrón, another friend from the island, also joined. Since then, they’ve grown together to become the creative studio they are now, known for loving what they do and for applying their island spirit to every project they take on. 

Their respect, compassion and open mindedness is what defines them and what drives their hard-working attitude.  Besides their focus on video and photography they offer complete creative solutions by teaming-up with highly skilled professionals from their trusted network. 

Ginés has worked with brands like Red Bull, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Nike, Oysho, Omega, Biotherm, Hugo Boss, Mercedes Benz, Quiksilver, Hurley, Orbea, Orca, Isdin, Levi’s, Pull and Bear…